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"T.O.P Virtual Assistants™ has the best Virtual Assistants nationwide"



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Virtual Assistant Services Explained

Outlined is a quick summary of the benefits of using a virtual assistant. The benefits are enormous for smart business owners as follows:
  • Flexibility, work can be done outside of normal business hours.

  • No need to provide office space, hardware and supplies as a virtual assistant uses their own resources and stationery.

  • A virtual assistant cares about their business and offers superior service.

  • Temp agencies don't always send the right person for the job and can be guilty of sending unskilled candidates.

  • Temp agencies usually need to be paid for a minimum amount of hours.

  • A virtual assistant is only paid for the time he/she spends working.

  • A business is able to use the services of the same person over again, whereas this is near impossible with temps.

  • Virtual assistants are independent contractors thereby eliminating administration on client's behalf with payroll, superannuation, leave payments, sick leave, etc.

  • A virtual assistant is not paid for spending time on personal phone calls, coffee breaks, surfing the net, texting at their desk, etc.

  • A virtual assistant performs the tasks that you previously may have been wasting your time doing instead of focusing on growing your buisness. As a business owner you should be outsourcing and delegating the myriad of administrative tasks to an appropriate virtual assistant.

    At "TOPVA" we understand the needs of busy entrepreneurs and small business owners.


    Our goal is to help small to mid-sized businesses to grow and maintain their business by providing affordable virtual assistants.


    We offer companies professional virtual services for short term relief on large projects or on an on-going basis. With our staffing services, you have no overhead and no personnel to manage, unless you have a need for on-site support; you save time and money and receive the qualified help you need immediately.

    Why Choose Us
    Our goal is to allow your business to operate in the most efficient, cost effective, and professional manner possible.
    We understand that the main factors business professionals deal with today are efficiency and bottom line profit. As a result, TOPVA strives to meet your needs and help provide solutions to time management and cost concerns.
    We at TOPVA believe that our success depends on the success of our clients, and for this very reason, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with fast, accurate and timely services that seamlessly integrate into your existing operation and allow you the ability to proceed with doing business as usual.


    Once you make the decision to utilize the services of TOPVA, the process is very easy. After contacting us, and letting us know your specific needs, our team of skilled recruiters will identify, evaluate and select the best candidate for your business.


    "Here are the Benefits of a T.O.P Virtual Assistant"

    Cost Effective

    Cost-cutting may not be the only reason to utilize a virtual assistant, but it’s certainly a major factor. Virtual assistant services convert fixed costs into variable costs, releasing capital for investment elsewhere in your business thus avoiding large expenditures especially in the early stages of your business.


    Increased Efficiency


    Companies that do everything themselves have much overhead costs. Virtual assistant services can provide a cost structure and economy of scale to give your firm an important competitive advantage.

    Qualified Help

    Hiring and training staff for short-term projects can be very expensive and temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations. A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional that needs very little training and even less managingt.



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